Gifts and Memorials

A gift book donation to the Iberia Parish Library is the answer for thoughtful people who wish to add a personalized touch to their giving. Your gift will live, be cared for, and continue to be used over the years. The book may reflect the interests of the giver or, in the case of memorials, of the person in whose memory the gift is given. Donations may be directed to specific branches of the library as well.

Gifts to the library need not be confined to sad occasions. Presenting a gift book contribution is a unique way to honor an eightieth birthday, a wedding anniversary, or the birth of a new baby. Clubs and organizations often donate larger sums to build the library collection in art, business, or other special areas. If you do not wish to indicate a special subject, the library will select a book for you, or you may choose a book from our shelf of specially selected gift books.

Both the donor and family of the person being honored receive an acknowledgment of the gift, and an attractive bookplate with names inscribed is placed in the chosen volume. Even a small amount can give knowledge and pleasure to many.

For additional information, call the Main Library at (337)364-7150, or fill in and mail the gift form below.

Gift and Memorial Fund Form